Lunar R•A•E is a messenger of love and light that journeys through time and space to reach her authentic essence through music. As an indie artist bringing a new wave of sound that combines genres like Soul, R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop and indie Rock, she has reintroduced herself as Lunar R•A•E : Lunar represents the femininity of the Moon, the rhythm of time, and enlightenment; surname R•A•E stands for "Reaching Authentic Essence." This Berklee alumna (formerly known as AbstractAmb or Amber Baker) is not only an artist/producer, but also a drummer who is well-known for her role in Psych Rock band Unknown Mortal Orchestra. She’s the current drummer for Austin, TX based band Sir Woman. She's also shared the stage with well-known artist/bassist MonoNeon, whom she also features on her first EP  "Abstractions" (under former artist name AbstractAmb).  Her last released project "Reaching" is the first phase in this new journey of artistic expression. A hybrid sound that could be considered neo-funk, the short tape provides a glimpse of all musical influences, featuring lyrical content that ranges from abstract reflections of current affairs to the wide spectrum of human emotion. "Reaching" is an expression of Lunar's funky, abstract soul - her Authentic Essence. 


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